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The Senior Companion Volunteer helps others:

Live as independently as possible in their own homes.

  1. Senior Companions…
  2. Senior Companions are volunteers who visit home bound clients in their homes. Their visits are on a regular basis when convenient for both the client and the volunteer.
  3. Senior Companions provide such services as:
  4. companionship ~ preparing a light meal ~ reading
  5. writing letters ~ going for a walk ~ grocery shoppingWorried and pensive senior woman talking on cordless phone. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown.


Senior Companion Program Volunteer
Senior Companion Program volunteers are healthy older adults who help other adults live independently. Senior Companions provide support to family caregivers, and assist with daily tasks necessary to maintaining independence. Without the help of Senior Companions, many older adults would not be able to continue living at home and would need more expensive, less personal care.
Senior Companions receive: pre-service and ongoing training; an annual physical examination; holidays and vacations; transportation cost reimbursement; a small stipend for those who qualify; and the joy of helping others.
Senior Companion Program volunteers are 55+ years of age, can volunteer 15 hours a week, have a limited income, and love to help their neighbors. They become part of a team of volunteers, alerting doctors and family members to potential health problems. Senior Companions also provide short periods of relief to primary caregivers such as family members. You do not need medical or technical skills to be a Senior Companion. It is not necessary to drive a car — the senior companions utilize the county van for transportation to and from their clients homes. All you need to know is how to be a friend.
Senior Companions offer adults contact with the world outside of their homes and make their lives less lonely. Along the way, Senior Companions find out that few things feel as good as knowing you’re needed.
Senior Companions’ clients benefit by receiving: (1) assistance with important daily tasks; (2) encouragement to remain active;  (3) a watchful eye to notice when they need extra care; and (4) a friendship that can last a lifetime.

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