Companion Care Program

When your Loved One Needs A Helping Hand

The Companion Care Service is a non-medical program serving older adults with individualized assistance in their homes.This program is designed to keep Seniors from having to enter a nursing facility.

The Companion Care Program is “The Right Choice”….

  1. When you need someone to be with a loved one in your absence… in their home or Long Term Care Facility
  2. When someone is needed to help prepare a meal or assist a loved one with shopping
  3. When help is required with reading or writing letters, or escorting a loved one to social activities.
  4. When You, the Caregiver, Need a break

“Telespond’s Companion Care Program gave me back my life!” – Allie L.

The Companion Care Program is “The Right Choice”….
  1. When care for your aging parents is impacting your job, family and / or your relationships
  2. When your parents need companionship that you can’t always provide
  3. When you love your parents, but having to care for them on your own is often very stressful

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